In additional to normal visits, Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre offers a number of opportunities for prisoners and their families to spend time together. Application forms are available within the prison.

Play Visits
Available on weekdays, Play Visits allow fathers to have their visits as a family in the Play Area rather than at the tables – easing the period of separation between the father and the family. Our Play Specialist can provide fun activities for them to take part in as a family. This service is funded by Children In Need. If you have booked normal visit on a weekday, and would like to change it to a play visit, please contact us.

Family Days
Family Days are longer visits structured around an itinerary set by Jigsaw. There are four types of family days:

  • Generic: For parents with children 0-16 years old. The whole family bonds over craft activities, story time, party games, family pictures, and a buffet lunch.
  • Gym: For parents with children 5-16 years old. The father and the children bond in the prison gym while the mother spends time with a beauty therapist at the centre.
  • Cooking: For parents with children 5-16 years old. The father and the children cook a healthy meal which is eaten together as a family for lunch. While the meal is cooked, the mother spends time with a beauty therapist at the centre.
  • Adult: For prisoners without children. Quizzes, bingo, card making and team building games are arranged for visiting partners and relatives.

Parent and Toddler Group
Twice a month fathers have the opportunity to bond with their toddler over ride-on toys and are encouraged to take a lead parenting role (eg: feeding their children or changing their diapers). A health professional is sometimes available to give additional support, especially to new fathers and mothers.

Story Book Dads
This project allows fathers to record a story that is to be given to their child on a CD or DVD. The audio is edited to add music and sound effects to bring the story to life for their child. This gives them something to remember their parent by during the period of separation.

Skrapbook Kidz
During this project fathers choose a selection of pre-made activity sheets for themselves and for their child to fill in. Activities include drawing, colouring, and creative writing. The activity sheets are posted out every week to be filled and returned by their children. This process is repeated until the scrapbook is completed and given to the child.

Learning Together
Learning together is a course where the sessions aim to engage Parents in actively encouraging their children to develop particular character traits whilst also allowing parents to reflect on their own traits and morals . During the sessions each father and their child will work together completing the child’s homework Which each child will bring with them from school. This course helps parents  invest in what their children are learning and promotes a healthy interest and attitude towards learning and education.


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