Visiting HMP Leeds

Vibookinginsit Conditions

You MUST bring identification (see the section on Identification)

You will need  a £1 or a trolley coin for the locker.

If you have previously been in custody you will need to have written permission from the Security Governor at HMP Leeds before being allowed to visit. Once you have received written permission you must bring the letter with you on each visit.

You may bring:

  • Up to £20 in loose change (no notes) for purchasing refreshments from the Visits Tea Bar (all proceeds are donated to the Jigsaw Visitors’ centre)
  • 1 nappy, baby wipes (out of the packet) and feeding bottles with formula milk. No juice is allowed but you can take an empty bottle or a feeder cup (with a top) into the Visits Room and purchase juice on the visit.

Reporting in for Your Visit:

  • Please report in for your visit at Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre. When the centre is closed please report directly to the Main Gate.
  • When you arrive at the Visitors Centre you will need to fill in a visitor confirmation slip. Our staff will then take you through the booking-in process which includes:
    • checking your identification and fingerprints.
    • If it is your first visit your photograph will be taken for future reference
    • Preparing for your visit. You can use the lockers here.

If you have any worries, please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of Jigsaw staff.

Remember we are an independent charity working to support people visiting their loved ones in prison.

In the event that you have to share news of concern to the person you are visiting, please inform a member of staff so that support and care can be communicated and organised for the person you have visited.

Going into the Prison

  • Once through the main door to the Prison, turn right and go to the counter.
  • Uniformed staff will book you in and check your Visitor Slip and Identification.
  • If you are on medication and need to take it into the Visits Room, please inform a member of uniformed staff.
  • You will then be searched. You will have to empty your pockets and be given a pat-down search by a uniformed member of staff of the same sex. You will wait here until you are called into the room for your visit.

The Visits Room
A Prison Officer will call you into the Visits Room by calling out the surname of the prisoner you are visiting. You will be given a table number to sit at when you enter the room. The person you are seeing will be brought over after you have sat down. He will sit at one side of the table with visitors opposite. There are three chairs for visitors, so if you have more children, they will have to sit on adults knees.

The Visits Room has a Play Area manged by Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre that is open on weekends and school holidays. It is staffed with dedicated Play Workers who entertain children and allow the adults to talk at the table together, ensuring that the visit is as stress-free as possible.

Food and drinks can be purchased from the Visits Room Tea Bar; this is ran by Jigsaw staff. Proceeds from here go back into the centre to help us to develop our service. Hot drinks and soup are served in cups with lids. For security reasons you will need to keep the lids on drinks throughout the visit.

Toilets and baby changing facilities are available in the waiting area outside the Visits Room.

There are CCTV cameras in use in the Visits Room and your visit can be terminated at any time by Prison staff if your behaviour is not appropriate

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