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Sentence calculation

Is the sentence passed in court the time someone will serve in prison? The sentence expiry date (the date on which the sentence ends) is calculated from the date sentence is passed. All custodial sentences, (apart from life sentences, which are governed by different rules) include time served in prison and time served in the […]

Life sentences

Does a life sentence always mean that someone will spend the rest of their life in prison? Some prisoners will stay in prison for the rest of their lives because of the nature of their crimes, although few prisoners receive a whole life tariff (currently 25 out of a total of 5500 lifers). Most receive […]


What is Categorisation? All adult male prisoners are classified on reception into prison and put into one of four security categories based on the likelihood of escape and the risk to the public if they did escape. The categories are: Category A: prisoners who would be highly dangerous to the public, police or national security […]

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