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Property further information

The property office is where visitors can hand in property for inmates. To hand in property the inmate must have a blue application form in. You don’t have to be on a visit to hand property in, but you do have to turn up at the date stated on the form. Please ring on the date of […]

Money, newspapers etc

Money Any amount of money can be sent in for prisoners. This needs to be in the form of a postal order made payable to “HMP Prison Service”. Please write the prisoner’s full name and number and the sender’s name and address on the back. The postal order should then be sent in an envelope […]

On remand

Who is on remand? There are different types of remand custody. Until a prisoner is sentenced, the treatment they receive in custody reflects the fundamental principle that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. The majority of those who are in custody on remand are remanded in custody awaiting trial and have not been convicted […]

The first 24 hours in HMP Leeds

The first 24 hours can be the hardest for a new prisoner but hopefully this article will help to guide you through what will happen on his first night. Prison life isn’t easy for prisoners, or for their families, and the Jigsaw visitors’ centre is here to advise and support both prisoners and their loved […]

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