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Worried about self-harm or suicide?

If you are worried about a prisoner who has suicidal feelings or is in danger of harming themselves, please speak to someone straightaway. You can ask to speak to someone in the Visitors Centre at the prison. They are there to support you and help with any concerns. telephone the prison and ask for the […]

Healthcare & medical help

What kind of healthcare can prisoners expect when they are in prison? The healthcare that a prisoner receives should be based on individual need, however the reality is that wide variations occur from prison to prison and services that are currently available in one prison may not be available in another. Prisoners should receive the […]

The first 24 hours in HMP Leeds

The first 24 hours can be the hardest for a new prisoner but hopefully this article will help to guide you through what will happen on his first night. Prison life isn’t easy for prisoners, or for their families, and the Jigsaw visitors’ centre is here to advise and support both prisoners and their loved […]


Do prisoners get help for drug problems while they are in prison? Every prison offers some support for people with drug problems, often through partnerships with specialist drug services. Some prisons have their own rehabilitation programmes, again often run by specialist organisations. Under Certain circumstances prisoners may be transferred to another prison if the treatment […]

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