2015 Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre Evaluation by Leeds Beckett University
“Evidence strongly suggests that Jigsaw enhances the visiting experience. The ‘humanity’ and time that Jigsaw staff have for visitors was consistently noted.”

2013 Play Visits Evaluation by Leeds Metropolitan University
“The data from the independent evaluation was overwhelmingly positive and showed the benefits the play service had provided to prisoners and their family.”

2013 Drama Project Evaluation by Leeds Metropolitan University
“There was a very positive response to the drama project from the prisoners who took part. They highly valued the time it enabled them to spend with their children. It helped them to maintain their family bond with their children.”

2012 Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre Evaluation by Leeds Metropolitan University
“The data suggests that Jigsaw are contributing to improving and maintaining the family ties of prisoners at HMP Leeds and through doing this are contributing to reduced re-offending.”

2009-10 Prison-based Family Support Evaluation by the Ministry of Justice
“Much of the success of the [Family Support Worker] role may be attributed to its development through effective voluntary sector partnerships, notably in this case, Safe Ground, pact and Jigsaw, and to its clear independence from the prison system.”

2009 Jigsaw Visitors Centre Evaluation by Leeds Metropolitan University
“Jigsaw has reached a level of maturity as an organisation, with sound structures, policies and procedures and a clear vision. The staff are highly motivated, enthusiastic and are keen to take the organisation forward.”

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