Rehabilitation Courses

Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre offers a variety of courses to support offenders actively seeking to change and rehabilitate. Application forms are available within the prison.

Relationships Without Violence
This course is aimed at prisoners with a history of domestic violence. Prisoners focus on underlying beliefs, power, and control with the aim of accepting responsibility and beginning to change. Offenders are monitored and offered support after release through phone contact. Prisoners with a sentence of less than 6 months who have a genuine desire to change are prioritised for this course. Participants can achieve a Level 1 and 2 Open College Network (OCN) qualification in Family Relationships

Fathers Inside
This parenting course was developed by Safe Ground and facilitated by Jigsaw. Through drama and group work fathers learn to take responsibility for their parenting and develop parenting skills. Participants can achieve two Level 1 OCN qualifications – one in Parenting, and one in Communication and Team Work.

Positive Relationships
This course improves communication skills between prisoners and their partner with the aim of minimising the strain on their relationship during the period of isolation and after release. Participants can achieve a Level 1 OCN qualification in Family Relationships.

Preparation to Work in Industry
Available to offenders, ex-offenders, and volunteers, participants in this course prepare a variety of meals to be served at The Gate House Restaurant and Coffee Shop. They will also develop customer service skills through their interactions with customers in the restaurant and the conference facility. Participants can achieve two types of OCN qualifications:

  • Preparation to Work in the Catering Industry – Catering (Level 1 and 2)
  • Preparation to Work in the Hospitality Industry – Customer Service (Level 1)
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