The ‘Visit Room’ Tea Bar

teabarThe Visits Room Tea Bar is ran by staff from Jigsaw Visitors’ Centre. All proceeds are donated back into the centre to provide support services for families and visitors who have a loved ones here at HMP Leeds.


Tea Bar Restrictions

  • Only family members and visitors are able to use the tea bar
  • No notes are allowed into the Visits room – only coins are permitted
  • Up to £20 in coins can be taken into the prison per adult
  • Due to health and safety, nobody under the age of 18 can be served at the tea bar
  • No boiling water can be served and all lids must remain on cups at all times

Tea Bar Menu

  • Sandwiches £1.45 – £1.95
  • Chocolate bars  75p
  • Crisps 55p
  • Flapjacks 85p
  • Hot drinks 75p – 85p
  • Cold drink from 85p – £1.25
  • Nuts and fries 65p – 75p





2 large bags of sweets can also be purchased for £1.40 each for the person you’re visiting. These will be placed in a sealed bag and given to him after the visit when he leaves the visits room.

Allergy Information
Allergy Information can be downloaded here.

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